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How to create a static header that remains even when navigating to other pages

  1. hatethinkingofnamez

    Hello. as the topic says, how would I go about doing this in WordPress? Ive tried googling but I'm not exactly sure what this is called. any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you for your time!

  2. hatethinkingofnamez

    My main goal is to add a flash player at the top that plays music, and people can navigate on different pages without the music stopping.

  3. 1) That's not possible since that would involved frames.

    2) A website/blog with background music not only is frowned upon because is really annoying, but can also be a big deterrent for someone to visit your site/blog again. What you may think is a nice addition to your site/blog, not always is.

    Having said that, is your blog and you can definitely do whatever you want with it... but adding bg music is something I would strongly encourage you to consider not doing.

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