How to’ create a subpages list or index into the parent page

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    I would need to show an index of subpages into the parent one and would like to know how to insert it. I have the new Enterprise theme and I know that with the Misty one such an index is automatically created, how can I get the same result here? Is there a shortcut? Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    You don’t. That display links to child pages automatically on parent pages function is not coded into the Enterprise theme. That means that you will have to create the links to child pages on the parent pages manually on each parent page.



    Shouldn’t be a shortcut for that?

    It would be really useful…

    Where should I submit the idea?



    At present I believe only Misty Look theme out of the over 80 themes has this coded into it. So if you want to ask the Theme Team to make this available in only the Enterprise theme, or if you want them to edit the code on every template and make it available on all themes then I suggest posting here >


    Very few themes have this, but not only MistyLook:

    In themes with dropdowns it’s pointless.

    In some themes you can create a list of pages automatically, using the Archives page template:



    OOPS! I think there is a misunderstanding. Just to be clear what tizianosolignani is suggesting is not dropdowns from Parent pages to child pages. His theme Enterprise already has them.

    He wants the links to sub-pages to automatically appear on Parent pages in the Enterprise theme particulalry as it’s the one he is using.


    What misunderstanding? You said you believe that only MistyLook automatically creates links to subpages on the parent, and I said no, not only MistyLook, check relevant post. OP said he wants that in Enterprise, and I said it’s pointlesss when you have dropdowns. OP had asked if there’s a shortcut to adding such links manually, and I hinted at a shortcut (will elaborate if necessary).


    You know, I’ve got a few clients, and at least a few friends and acquaintances that never use a drop down. They just click on the top level in the nav bar and go from there. The reasons vary. One person I just can’t seem to get to use them. Another has some slight motor skills issues with arm and hand movement and drop downs drive him totally mad. Still others, I just don’t know.

    I for one would like to see a selectable feature that would list the child pages at the bottom of the content area on pages. It is kind of a pain in the ass to have to scroll back up to the top of a page so that you can get at a drop down menu to see what else is available as a child under that particular selection. This is one of the reasons that when doing a standard website, I nearly always include navigation links at the bottom of the page – or at least the main links.



    TSP is right, never trust too much the user…

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