How to create links to a point within a page?

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    Hi – I wanted to create a drop-down menu that would allow people to navigate easily to different points within a page. I don’t have the ability to do CSS customization, and don’t really know much html. How can I do this??

    The blog I need help with is



    This does not require CSS editing. You can create page jump links. See here >



    I’m sorry I misunderstood you above and provided the wrong answer. I clicked the username link and got this > is no longer available. The authors have deleted this blog.

    Please post an active link to the blog in question starting with http://
    Your answer is found here > custom menu >


    Oh dear! Thank you for the notification – I just fixed it. Storyexplorer was the very first iteration of my blog which very quickly got changed… the correct link is, which you should now be able to get to via my username link.

    So you actually sort of had the question right the first time: I guess what I’m trying to do is essentially creating a custom menu that consists of page jumps. Specifically, if you look at my blog and go to the Directory of Organizations page, it is a LONG list of organizations separated by city. I’d like to be able to turn the “Directory” tab at the top of the page into a pull-down menu that would allow be to go directly to a specific city, without having to create separate pages for each individual city. It does not seem clear even after reading both the custom menu and page jump pages…

    Thank you!


    I’ve never tried this, but it could be that you could put a page jump into a menu tab and an anchor in the body of the content, but with a top menu, that means that page jump is going to be visible on ALL pages and could lead to confusion when someone in on a different page.

    What exactly are you wanting to do? If you can explain a little more, perhaps we can come up with some suggestions.


    I’m confused about what you’re envisioning, sacredpath…. Here’s what I mean: If you look at my blog and hover the mouse over “The Journey” or “Photos” along the top bar, you will notice that a list of pages pops up beneath those headings, from which you can navigate directly to other pages that fit within that category. I want to create the same sort of list when you hover over “Directory of Organizations” on the top bar, except that when you click on one of the “pages” listed there, instead of a separate page I want it to go to a specific point within the “Directory of Organizations” page – ie a page jump. Does that make sense?


    Better page jump instructions here:

    You edit your page and add this above each city heading:
    <a name="CITY"></a>

    Then you go to Appearance > Menus > Custom Links and add this in the URL field:
    Then type the city in the Label field and click Add to Menu. Repeat for the rest, drag them below the parent page, drag them to the right to turn them into dropdowns, click Save Menu.

    Of course CITY in the examples above will be replaced by the actual cities; make sure it’s exactly the same in the anchor and the URL (including capitalization).


    You would use the custom link feature in the custom menu, put the anchors into the target page where needed and then in the custom link, you use the URL of the page you are going to and add the anchor text to the end of that link as below.





    Thank you both! Panaghiotisadam, I followed your instructions and they seem to work great, except….

    once I’ve created the custom menu, I can’t seem to get it to replace the original link to my Directory page in the top bar. Basically, if I just hit “Save Menu” it won’t appear on my blog at all, but if I select the menu from the Theme Locations “Primary Menu” list, it becomes the ONLY thing in my top bar. I can’t find any other way to get it to show up, and it says that my theme only supports one menu. Thoughts?

    (sorry, thesacredpath, you use a few too many “lingo” words that are still a bit of a foreign language to me – I seem to learn best through following very explicit instructions and seeing what they do)


    Sorry, I thought you already knew how custom menus work so I only addressed the page-jumps question.

    I understand that you’re thinking of the “Directory” tab and its dropdown as a menu. WP thinks otherwise: in WP lingo, your (top nav) menu is the whole row of tabs under your header image, and each tab is a menu item. When you create and load a “custom menu”, you replace the default row of tabs with your own. So, after you create the custom page-jump links and add them to your menu, you will continue with adding your pages to the same menu: click View All in the Pages module, click Select All, click Add to Menu, rearrange by dragging, click Save Menu. Then select that menu from the Theme Locations pulldown, click Save.

    See here too:


    OHHHHHH that makes so much more sense! Haha I can’t believe I didn’t figure that out before…

    Thank you!


    You’re welcome!

    Couple of notes:
    a) I wrote relpace CITY with the actual city names for simplicity’s sake, but they don’t have to be the full names; can be shortened, initials – can be anything, in fact, as long as each identifier is different from the others.
    b) And they don’t have to be in all caps; I only meant that the links won’t work if you write, say, Portland in the anchor but portland in the URL.

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