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How to create more Page?

  1. Please can anyone tells me how to create more Page? Because "Page" shows full text, but "Category" shows summery. Therefor, I want more Page.
    Thanks :-)

  2. page is actually a post that sits out of the chronological order posts are placed in the home page of the blog. a page can only show one post (because it is a post) in full, but it cannot show more than 1 post or posts in a category. this is unlike categories which show all the posts tagged by a certain category when you click on a category link in the sidebar.

  3. You create Pages at Dashboard -> Write -> Page

  4. Thanks, that's right a page cans only show one post, I need this!!! It show only one post but the post will show full text just click one click on it, therefor I need more "Pages". Unlike Category shows lot of posts but all the posts are not showed full text when we click on it. In Category we have to click 2 times in order to show full text.
    Please, can you help me how to create more "Pages".
    And what is "Page order"?

  5. (1) You can create as many pages as you want following drmik'es instructions Dashboard -> Write -> Page
    (2) Only one page will automatically update with your new posts. None of the others will.
    (3) Pages cannot be assigned categories. They have no "google juice" so if statistics mean anything to you it's good to know that.
    (4) Pages are normally alphabetically ordered by title. This is how to change the order of your pages

  6. You're getting confused. Pages are single articles that sit outside of the post structure. You can not have multiple articles within Pages. You can have them within categories though. Maybe that's what you're thinking? Add int eh category widget to your sidebar and click on one of those links.

  7. Thanks to all,
    I've known how to do (Dashboard -> Write -> Page).
    But I need "Pages" more ("Page" with "S").
    I understand, and I don't need multiple articles within Pages for my web blog, because it's a special web blog.
    Only in Pages shows Full Text when I click just one click on it only. If in Category, when I click one click on it, it still shows summary text and picture will not shows (I don't like this) then I click one more click on the article then it shows full text and with picture.
    Please, any solutions that we just press one click on the post under the Category and it shows "Full Text"?
    Thanks in advance!

  8. My web blog is a special one, no needs new post, no needs multiple articles, but needs only edit.
    one more question, how can I do alphabet like this in Category, that we can click on A or on B or on C...:
    a b c d e
    f g h i j
    k l m n o
    p q r s t
    u v w x y z

  9. So far it sounds like you intend to use Pages in manner we cannot visualize or understand. I'm wondering if you could just take some time to clearly explain to us what you want use these Pages for. If we clearly understand what you want as an end result then, we can give you better advice.

    P.S. Don't worry about the deletions, okay.

  10. let see this link:
    hope you will understand what i meant.

  11. if you want that a b c method as you explained above, you need to use a text widget and put it link tags to your posts. example:

    <A HREF="URL HERE">A</a>

    so as you repeat this method in your text widget, you should get that a b c thing going on and it will show the full text once clicked on it.

  12. thanks, that's one good idea :-)

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