How to create Non WordPress Pages on a wordpress site?..

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    Hi All,

    I will be using WordPress, OptimizePress theme, and Digital Access Pass to create a website and membership site.

    My site’s member’s area will always use WordPress, OptimizePress, and Digital Access Pass. However, I want to initially create my site’s homepage and other pages (not member’s area pages) with OptimizePress theme too …b/c it makes it very easy to create and design pages; however, after we finalize the design of our main few pages on the website we will want to convert them into just basic hmtl/css pages so they are really light and don’t make any calls to a wordpress database (for site speed and to ease the burden on our servers).


    Do you recommend I install WordPress and the Digital Access Pass membership script on the root file of my website? (if so, how do I make the homepage of my site just a basic html/css page after we finish testing …so no uneeded wordpress files or database calls are made once we switch the homepage to a basic html/css page (and no wordpress)?

    For clarification, if WordPress is installed on the root …how do I turn the homepage into a very basic html/css page (not involving any wordpress)? …and if I do this, will it prevent using MYSQL database calls and loading wordpress and digital access pass files? (also, is this ok for SEO)?


    OR should I install WordPress and Digital Access Pass in a subdirectory (like: so in the future when we stop using WordPress for pages other than the member’s area …all of these things don’t always load every time someone visits our homepage? (or will these things not load if I simply just turn make the homepage a simple html/css page even if WordPress is installed on the Root)

    Thanks a lot for any suggestions, help, or clarification you can provide! I appreciate it very much.



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