How to create separate privacy settings/username for subblog?

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    I created a sub-blog on my main blog. Problem is that the sub-blog shares the same privacy settings and username as the main blog. I would like to create separate privacy settings and username for the sub blog. I did a search on forums and tried to set up another administrator for the sub-blog and then delete the orignal administrator as per instructions from this blog ( But when I tried to remove the original administrator, I received a “You don’t have permission to remove this user.” message.

    So does anyone know how I can go about solving my problem now??

    Huge thanks.



    Assuming that your blog is here at WordPress.COM, you will have to contact Support through your Dashboard in order to remove the original administrator.

    See Staff response in this post:


    thanks! will contact support.


    I have just been told by staff that they wont remove the orignal administrator so i guess that method no longer works. wish i had known about that before i set up the blog!



    can we have a link to your WordPress.COM blog, starting with http://

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