How to create slideshow on main page?

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    I am a quite new wordpress user, and need some help with creating a slideshow on the top of my front page. I`ve been doing some research and have concluded that it is not possible to change the header into a slideshow in my theme (Twenty Ten), but I would like a slideshow as a permanent post just below the header. So my questins are:
    1. Do I have to change to a Premium theme to get this opportunity?
    2. Is it posible to insert plugins even if I have a Would you recoment to swich to
    3. I have managed to insert a slideshow into a post, but I would like a slideshow on my mainpage.

    Hope someone can help me out with this porblem:

    The blog I need help with is


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    You could put an animated gif sort of slideshow into your header.
    It must be the exact size of your header before you upload it (or it won’t move), and remember that it will slow the load time for your site.

    Themes with custom headers can have multiple images so that a reader clicking on a post will see different images each time they go to a different post. // If that info is of use to you…

    Another option might be to put your slideshow into a post, then make that post sticky so that it stays (almost) on top of your home page.

    We can not use plugins on If that is critical, then go ahead and take a look at and themes you can purchase…

    As for premium themes with a sort of slideshow, I think Linen might work: it has the option to show a few pictures. But as a volunteer w/o access to premium themes, I don’t know about other possibilities. Perhaps some one else has an idea. Or check out the themes showcase.


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    (oh, I just looked at linen in helping someone set up a blog, so that is why I took note of it with the slideshow on top)

    But if you would like to put a slideshow into your sidebar this might interest you:

    (and yours is a yummy looking blog though I don’t speak Norwegian)



    set the page with the slide show as your front page in reading under settings

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