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How to customise blog to support users uploading photos & voting ala ICHC?

  1. I want to create a small community site (hopefully on WP) where people can join the site, upload photos/graphic files & vote on each others' submissions (even just a thumbs up/thumbs down) & comment on them, ala ICHC icanhascheezburger (though no captioning required). Ability for RSS feeds would also be great.

    Can I pay to obtain these features on WordPress? I didn't want to pay for the premium upgrade only to discover it doesn't do what I want. I had a look at the themes and couldn't really find what I was after. It seems to be a pretty simple concept but I can't see any templates for it?

    Any ideas?


  2. You can pay if you can document 500,000 hits a month and afford the several hundred dollars in setup costs and $600 per month.

    Otherwise, no, you cannot do everything you want at WordPress.COM. You can do it with indpendent hosting using software from

  3. Those costs are for the VIP program. Regular will not do this.

  4. Arg. I've been looking everywhere for this functionality. Any ideas?

  5. Go to, download the software, and buy some web hosting. Then you're on your own. But at least then what you ask for is possible.

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