How to customise <br> size in Text Widget?

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    You’re welcome.

    One thing you can do on existing posts and pages is to open them in the editor, switch to the HTML tab, wait for the page to refresh, then switch back to the visual tab, wait for it to refresh and then click the “update” button. WordPress will then look at and fix any errors in the post or page.


    Great tip – cheers!

    Actually, you’re just the man to ask – up above I saw that you’d provided a solution to inserting an image instead of a font for the title. I’ve managed to do that successfully. The only thing that’s stumping me is how to reduce the white space between the image and the brown navigation bar. I’ve tried changing as many ‘padding’ ‘margins’ as I can find but none seem to do what I want – am I missing something obvious?


    This will do it. Add it to your CSS.

    #primary, #secondary {
    margin-top: -20px;

    Hmm, it didn’t quite work. It moved my widget sidebar up a bit but didn’t move the menu bar or the page content at all. I did spend quite a bit of time manually aligning most things earlier so I’m wondering if I have something overriding your command?


    Sorry, realised I may have not been clear enough earlier – I don’t want to move the widget sidebar and page content closer to the menu bar, I want to move the menu bar closer to the title header ‘text’ which I’ve actually changed to an image.


    Ah, OK. See what this does for you.

    #main {

    Oops! That didn’t work either. It took the page content and widget sidebar closer to the menu too. I removed the padding line but now I think I might have taken out something I needed too as I have a large white space *beneath* the menu bar now – that will teach me for not backing up before I make changes!


    Oh wow – just noticed the revisions versions down the bottom – how useful!


    I was really hoping that I could just change something in here as I thought this must be to do with the navigation bar:

    #colophon {
    border-top:4px solid #8B7D6B;
    padding:10px 0;

    But, alas, I can’t fathom it out.


    Yee gods I’ve cracked it! I had to add a negative pixel margin-bottom to my header image!

    Wouldn’t have got it without your margin-top clue above – so thanks very much ^_^


    I’m sorry, I must be brain dead today. What is keeping the menu bar down is the fact that the site title is set with a width of 928px (to accommodate long titles) and #site-description (tagline div) sits under that.

    I need to know if you are going to use the tagline or not otherwise we can hide it.


    Ah ok, don’t worry – even brain dead I’m still having trouble keeping up!

    I’m not even sure what a tagline is.

    I think I just need to get rid of the original title text as it’s appearing behind the image (at least in IE, but not Chrome). Otherwise I’m pretty happy as things stand in terms of the menu bar position. Although perhaps my margin-bottom technique (see previous page) has other disadvantages?


    There we are – all gone! I added a ‘display:none;’ to my #site-title a {

    so hopefully that’s good practise when wanting to hide a title! I have no idea really, I’m completely winging this…


    Ah, I couldn’t see the site title in Safari or Firefox. All I could see was your title image. I was a touch confused as to why the site-description was not coming up beside the title and it turned out it was something I could not see.

    Looking good now.


    Excellent – glad to hear it’s looking ok in Safari too.

    I think that’s just about wiped me out for tonight – time for bed!

    Thanks for all the help – much appreciated!


    You’re welcome.

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