How to customise the header in a theme

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    Hi, I’m using Hadley Wickham’s Rubric theme for my blog (
    Unlike some other themes this one does not display my tagline beneath the blog’s name in the header.

    Could somebody tell me how to make the tagline appear by editing the theme’s CSS?

    ps I am reading up on CSS newbie 101 stuff to try and figure it out myself, but any help would be appreciated.




    Because tag line display isn’t a function of the theme, that can’t be changed per se in the CSS. You might have to change themes.

    But…the header image resides somewhere. What you CAN do is find the URL of the image and replace it with the URL of an uploaded image that includes your tagline. But the Rubrick theme header image doesn’t go all the way across, it’s s squarish thing on the right, so it’ll display on the far right-hand side, I believe. I bow to anyone with more knowledge to contribute, though.

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