How to deactivate the Reblog funktion

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    I don’t want that “Reblog” on my blog. Please help me to deactivate! There was reblogged a complete article of mine with all photos I made. I don’t want that!

    I delated the article und comments, than published again, but all comments are lost at this way…

    Please give me a hand! Thank you. – Elke
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    Many of us loathe and despise the reblog function and we said so very loudly and very clearly. The feature was then closed down for awhile, “improved” and resurrected yet again. We cannot disable it. If we dare to suggest that to Staff we are told we can make our blogs private or we can self host a install.



    Hi, New to My blogish doesn’t matter, but for the bot:
    Just checking Reblogging functionality. Whew! I found a controversy.
    I’m not against it. I see why others are. They’re already a bit raw from inherent opportunities for content abuse. Nothing special here.
    OTOH, I’m not sure why management is so insistent upon having it.
    I suggest offering optional configuration of the feature as a paid for upgrade.
    Turn it off. Exclude pictures. Limit word count. Require advance permission. Any others have suggestions?
    Really, it’s the capitalist thing to do.

    P.S. Please dump the [Submit] buttons. [Send] please.



    Ridiculous. It takes me three seconds to use my Tumblr reblog browser add-on, and takes only a few more to use Press This or Post To Blog apps. You can theoretically disable the built-in functionality here, if you’re one of the coders working on core, but that won’t prevent reblogging, any more than disabling right click-save prevents people from stealing images.



    @sunsy – Reblog only copies the first 100 words or so an some thumbnails – if your whole article was “Rebloged” then one of two things happened – either your article was very short or it was not rebloged but was copied – did the link back say “Reblogged”??



    @auxclass – Yes, my article was very short with lots of photos. So the post was reblogged almost 1:1. Only the last few words (4 or 5) were not shown. But all my photos! I am sorry, but I can’t accept this. And yes, the link back said “reblogged”. Thank you for answering.



    What no-one seems to note is that reblogging, especially with photos is against almost all USA & western Copyright laws and potentially lays the reblogger open to being sued for Copyright infringement and damages especially, but not only, if the photos were taken by a professional who has invested time, money and skill in the images.

    The same considerations would be applied to feature articles (words) if the re-bloggee should choose to take action.

    With current Image Search software it is quite easy to search the net and pick up on unauthorised use.

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