How to "define a constant" in the function.php?

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    I’m using the Arcade Basic theme for this homepage:
    On the front page there is a button with the text “See more”. I want to change this (to another text, and it will be in Swedish).

    In the header.php there is a comment saying that:
    * You can overwrite the defeault 'See More' text by defining the 'BAVOTASAN_SEE_MORE' * constant in your child theme's function.php file.

    1. There isn’t even a function.php-file, only a functions.php-file, but I guess it’s the same?
    2. There is no BAVOTASAN_SEE_MORE-constant in the functions.php (that line isn’t even mentioned).
    3. So how do I do, can I add the constant above, and how do I write that code (I’m no good at PHP).

    The functions.php-code looks like this:

    [Moderator note: removed code sample since it broke the page]

    Thanks a lot!



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