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    Is it possible to delete the email address of one of my followers so that this person no longe receives notifications about my blog? This person has requested to be removed and the feeling is mutual!

    Better yet, is there a way to permanently block someone from seeing my blog?

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    We cannot block or delete subscribers from public blogs. However, please read this about public blogs that become private blogs > Blog Privacy and Subscribers >

    Removing users from your blog >




    This is bad!
    The admin should be given the option to remove a follower/email subscriber (as happens in feedburner).



    And what stops that person from just simply refollowing you? It’s a pointless exercise.



    ardpete, you have a valid point. But another point in that most people (who are not ardent followers) may not even realize it or miss your blog posts if they don’t get email updates. I have a friend /friends whom I don’t want reading my blog posts unless they make an effort for it (and not because it comes by default to their mailbox).



    WordPress is all about ease of use for their readers, so I doubt they’d add such a feature because you have lazy friends.

    It’s a feature that’s been asked for by various people over the course of years, so I’ve come to accept we’ll never be able to remove the deadweight (people that are following but no longer blog anymore).



    …which, in a manner of speaking, is unethical. WP should have given the option to remove subscribers. An important but ignored aspect in control of blog!


    If you want that kind of control, get a privately hosted website where you would have more options.


    ok, i understand there is nothing i can do on my end.
    is it possible for the person who subscribed to unsubscribe himself/herself?

    i saw the link about editors / contributors, but what about followers? if there is a way this person can unsubscribe, my problem is solved.

    thank you again for your help.



    We cannot block or delete subscribers from public blogs. We can remove official users > removing users from your blog >
    The follower can use the lost password feature >!/read/!/read/edit/ click the “x’ to remove the blog and stop following it.
    Leave a Blog >


    Thank you. I will email the link to my follower. I hope this works. :-)



    You’re welcome.



    notawoodpecker, I am sure I didn’t ask for the moon. It is not a very big control feature.

    I will mail WordPress and update their reply here. I wonder what is WordPress’ loss if we have this control with us.

    I have read other threads (timethief’s and other comments) and am aware that WP may not relent. Still there is no harm is barking up the wrong tree.



    Hi there,
    Long time no connect. Hope you are well. :)



    @timethief, I am fine. Just going through a bad phase in life and want more seclusion (lol); hence this query! My life is still not settled due to some bad luck and events (beyond my control). I knew I would run into you in the forum. :)

    I wrote this email to support
    [at] wordpress dot com; will update when they reply.

    Is it possible to delete the email address of one of my followers so that this person no longe receives notifications/new posts of my blog?
    Please note that I am not asking if users or comment subscribers can be removed.
    I am asking if those who are following my blog through email subscription (because of the follow by email widget) can be removed by me (and if I can see a list of email addresses).
    I have read it in forums and they say there is no such option.
    Please elaborate.



    Here is the official WordPress reply; they had replied in 2 hours [WordPress #1283657]: WordPress Help Neededā€”

    Hi Vikas,

    Thanks for getting in touch! It isn’t possible to remove a subscriber from your site as long as your blog is public. When your site is public, anyone can view your posts, with or without a subscription to your blog ā€” removing a subscriber wouldn’t prevent them from following your blog.

    If you’re concerned about who has access to your site’s content, you can control who sees your posts by changing your privacy settings via your Settings > Privacy page from your blog’s Dashboard:

    Please let me know if you have any other questions!


    Erica | Automattic

    This thread could be closed now. Hope the policy will change someday. Amen!



    Oh, there’s always a workaround. RSS subscribers don’t show up, and they could just subscribe that way. Or any number of other ways. I’m following the RSS feeds of a couple of Twitter people I don’t want to Follow.



    You are right. But my problem is this: someone I know is subscribed to my blog email update (I removed the subscription widget later). I just wish he/she had not subscribed it. If there was a way to delete this email address, I would rest my case. Because this person would not come to see the blog or subscribe to RSS feeds. He/She comes because he gets email updates (else lazy, and technically challenged). Thanks.


    @vikasjnu, yes! that is my problem too: a person subscribed to my blog to get email updates.

    however, in my case, the person WANTS to be unsubscribed, and the feelings are mutual. i don’t care if the person reads my blog. i just don’t want her to have notifications.

    i am not sure how being able to unsubscribe a person would be a difficult feature to add…

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