How to delete a registered blog from wordpress stats ? WP Devs help NEEDED !

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    Now this question has been posted a lot of times, either in this forum or in the forums, and we still don’t get any support from the administrators and developpers of wordpress stats. Here it is :

    When you use the stats plugin on a wordpress blog that you host with you own server, the plugin asks for the API key for registering. The plugin can support many blogs with the same API key and account.

    THE THING WE ALL WANT TO KNOW : How can we un-register a blog from stats ? How can we erase/delete a registered blog from the list ?

    Other issue : When you update your own wordpress and reactivate the stats plugin, it ask for your API Key again. By filling it again, it creates a new stats information by adding again the same blog in the registered blogs list. You then find yourself with the same blog registered twice !!

    Please, we are hundreds here, waiting for help on this. HOW CAN WE DELETE A BLOG, from the WORDPRESS.COM STATS registered blog list ?

    Thanks in advance.



    No, not at present.
    It is planned though.



    Thanks a lot for this answer.

    Can you please be a little specific on the planning ?



    It’s planned – we do not give schedules for any new or updated features.



    Okay, thanks anyway, we’ll be waiting.



    Just for information, there are people waiting for this since more than 9 months…


    I just sent in a support request on, and they un-registered the blog from my account for me. They currently don’t have a user-side feature that can accomplish this (I requested that as well).



    Yeah, I could REALLY use this too since I tried to change my Stats from one account to another and everything got all screwed up and now neither account will get the Stats plugin to work.

    I recently switched to WordPress after 5 years of MT and this is far and away the most annoying part of the switch.



    In light of the unenthusiastic replies and non-committal attitude of giving any serious dates for this option in our wordpress blog stats, I say we should all dump WP Stats and move on to another stats plugin or third party set-up…

    I love the software for my own set-up but sometimes you need to nudge people who really don’t want to hear it or listen.

    Any other advice on a boycott of sorts that would make sit up a take notice.

    Plus they would lose the statistical information themselves of not being able to review our traffic for self hosted sites, not to mention as long as we can’t delete old site off of the stats, maybe they are using those numbers to falsely beef up claims of having so many blogs enlisted?



    Goto Kvetch! at like me and everyone else who was become frustrated with this widget!

    they gotto be paying attention at least enough to warn people about this problem.

    Right now i have two accounts because I am afraid to delete the one. All do to this plug in.



    Yes, this happen to me too, I have posted the question both here and forum. I hope they will seriously look into the issue and develop the user-side feature very soon.

    Here is my question link in forum:

    @absoluteblogs: Btw, how do I send support request to Support Center? Look like they are close to accept any support for the time being, is that a temporary or long term closing??




    the hours that they are they are open are posted here.



    I doubt that contacting support will change the fact that they can’t tell you when it will happen. As mark, (staff), posted above:

    It's planned - we do not give schedules for any new or updated features.




    I don’t understand, this is really boring, it was not clear at all that putting an API code was in fact the registration process of our stuff, linking it to our account for ever… I want to change the API of one of my blogs now, cause it is accessible and editable (!) from the global dashboard of that f….. shared public account I created at the time, although the new blog in question is a private command!!! The only solution seems to be deleting the former account, ie loosing then any possibility to use the email adress and account id/password…!!! This is a scandal. I need an answer please. Thanx in advance and please excuse my approximative English.



    How long does it normally take the support to react on a request to unregister your blog? The same thing happened to me yesterday (registering stats for a project blog with my private API key) and I’d really like to change it. I wasn’t aware that it’s not possible to change the API key later; when I opened an account for the project blog and wanted to switch I realized it’s not possible. What a drag! I send them a mail yesterday but am still waiting for a reaction.



    Okay, I managed to change the API key at last and add a new user account to the stats. Now I only need to remove the old user account (my private one) and I’m good. For those who are interested this is how I’ve done it:
    At the bottom of the stats there is a field where you can add users. There I added the email address of the new wordpress account I wanted to use for the stats. I had to do it twice until it worked (I got empty pages and time-outs) but then the new user appeared. The status of the user is “subscriber” at first but there was a button to “promote” him to administrator and that is what I’ve done. Afterwards I could go to the dashboard of the blog in question, deactivate the stats plugin, activate it again and put in the new API key. There is no possibility to remove the original user – at least I haven’t found it yet – but one step in the right direction.



    That’s a good workaround. Thanks for sharing it; a lot of people will be interested, I’m sure.



    Me again (I wrote my first post as validd): Now I know how to remove a user too. After I added the new admin and change the API key (see my last posting) I logged in again as the original user. At the bottom of the stats page where the user list was a new button appeared called something like “remove user” (I can’t check as I have already removed the second user and now it’s not there any more). Press this and presto, after confirming again that you will loose all access to the stats the old user disappears. You have to make sure that you are logged in as the user you want to remove, not as the new one. The external blog is gone from your profile when you check at and only appears for the new user.



    A similar aside, I was previously using WP Stats with a self-hosted blog, then I moved it to and bought the domain upgrade. Is there anyway to merge the now two sets of stats?



    How did you activate stats on self hosted blog?

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