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How to delete a site from wordpress account if the site doesn't exist anymore?

  1. How do I delete a blog/site that was not hosted on and does not exist anymore (I don't own the domain and there is no blog there). I can't delete the blog from the site's dashboard, because there is no dashboard (and no site). Yet the site is still visible on my account and I can't figure out how to delete it from there.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Is this the URL? You can't delete it but Staff Staff can do this for you. I tagged this thread for their assistance. Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond.

  3. @jasniepan - I've disconnected the Jetpack link to from your user account per your request.

    I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions.

  4. When I first came to Word Press and started blogging I seem to have opened two titles. I am using only one, but now have two blogs. How can I erase one.

  5. Provided you are logged in under the Admin username account that registered the blog in question you can delete any blog registered under that username by using these instructions.

    After you do that if you cannot locate a verification email, look in your email client spam/junk mail filter for the email with the blog deletion verification link in it and click that link. If clicking it does not work then copy and paste the link into your upper browser bar and click.

    Deleted blog URLs are not recycled. If you delete a blog URL it can not be used by you or by anyone else again. That is why I suggest you make it private instead and use it as a testing and backup blog

  6. @csonnek Thanks for your help, but I guess this didn't help. The blog is still visible on the list with my blogs (!/my-blogs/) and I'm not able to delete it.

  7. You had requested that we only remove "" from your user list. The only other site you have showing under your user account is for a Jetpack linked site "" - here's what I show on your My Blogs page when I logged in under your user account:

    The "Across The Board" titled blog on your My Blogs page is the "" site and it appears to still be active. Disconnecting this Jetpack-enabled site from your user account will also cause you to lose all the stats tracking you have for that site under:!/my-stats/

    You will also lose any additional features you might also be using in the Jetpack plugin by disconnecting the site. All the features can be found here:

    Let me know if you still want to proceed with disconnecting your site knowing you'll lose your stats tracking and other features that you're currently using.

    Thank you!

  8. Oh, something must have cached and I was seeing the deleted blog as well. Everything is all right now, so thanks a lot for the help. Much appreciated.

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