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how to delete a widgets

  1. how to delete several dragged widgets in sidebar

  2. to remove a widget, drag it away from the your sidebar to the bottom where the other widgets available are. then save it. you shouldn't see that unwanted widget in your front page this way.

  3. christiannewshighlights

    I have the same question. I have tried to drag the "cloud" widget back to the bottom but it keeps going back to the sidebar area.......any suggestions? thanks

  4. @christiannewshighlights -- depending on the theme, sometimes I have to drag a widget down to the lower right or lower left corner -- as if off the screen -- to get it to return to the group of unused widgets.

  5. none of these are wrking. please someone tell me how

  6. There are some bloggers on the forum all reporting the same thing. The inability to deleted widgets. All of you need staff help. Support hours are weekdays 9-5 PM and here's the link

  7. Please try changing your browser, it worked for me.!

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