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How to delete an entire gallery of photos in one go?!

  1. i am creating a new blog
    stupidly i didn't upload a few but 126 images, all of which i want to remove
    the only way i can see to remove them is one at a time which is rediculous!
    HELP ! pls


    freezing cape town !

    The blog I need help with is

  2. ps.
    I wish to remove them from the database.
    As i will be reloading the same ones but a different size.

  3. To delete any files or uploads from your blog’s Media Library, start the process by navigating to Media -> Library in your blog’s dashboard: > bulk delete images >

  4. @ timethief
    yaba daba doo will follow yr instructions right away

  5. You're welcome.

  6. @tt-Well, that should be added to the "related" box on the Media Library Support doc. :)

    @heleneodette-Also, if you want to display more images to be able to delete quicker, you can change the number of displayed images per page from the Screen Options button

  7. Done!
    soooo much!
    only was displaying 20 at a time but i didn't mind and got your 'screen option' info on the last 2 pages!
    they took half an hr to upload!
    take here we come

    all the best to you!

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