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How to delete Archives?

  1. How can I delete the Archives/Archive widget on my blog?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can remove any widget here > Appearance > Widgets

  3. Hi Timethief ...

    The odd thing is that I already did try that. I went to Widgets and moved the widgets into the Inactive Widgets area. Looking at my right hand sidebar on the Dashboard?Widgets page, one would see NO WIDGETS there.

    Is it that I have to totally delete them rather than put them in the Inactive Widgets holding tank?


  4. Put an empty text widget - no content at the top of the sidebar and nothing will display in it.

  5. If you have NO widgets in the sidebar at appearance > widgets, then the theme will show a default set of widgets so that the sidebar is not a gaping blanks spot.

    Add a widget, any widget, and the default set will disappear.

  6. Timethief and Sacred Path--

    I just now did what you suggested. Now I see complete full archives on each of the footers in the Chateau theme.

    So right now I am going back to delete all those Archive widgets from the Sidebars in the Dashboard>Appearance>Widget pages.

    This is a mystery. I did empty the cache (Safari browser).


  7. I realize that I could delete all of the posts, BUT THAT WOULD TAKE A LONG, LONG MANUAL TIME. 8-(


  8. I found a solution.

    I switched themes to a one-column format to force the Archives to the bottom of the page if I could not find a way to delete archives.

    Now I do not have any archives showing on the Home Page.

    I did add one new post to lessen the chances of people clicking the "Older Posts" link.


  9. Another odd thing:
    It wasn't enough to just change the theme, because some themes maintained the Archive.

    When I changed it to MANIFEST, however, the Archive link disappeared and there is only the "Older" link showing.

    Oh, also the "Search" link -- but I have a headache now and don't want to bother figuring out how to delete it.


  10. I bumped this so you could reply to yourself again. Problem?

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