How to delete “bloggy” sidebar from front static page

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    I want to have the home page look like a website not a blog.
    How do I remove the side bar?

    The blog I need help with is



    Do you have CSS editing experience and are you prepared to pay for an upgrade and do all the work yourself? There is no Staff support for learning CSS editing and only a couple of volunteers are infrequently available to help.



    If you don’t have CSS Knowledge the iNove theme has a option to turn off the side bar located through the theme options.


    In addition, a few themes don’t display the sidebar on static pages – see here:

    If you don’t want to switch to another theme, I can probably work out a way to mask the sidebar in your (static) front page.


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    If this is the blog you are asking about:
    then it doesn’t appear that you have a static front page.

    There is at least one possibility which might work if you are indeed talking about a static page.


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    TA panos I should have refreshed


    No, I don’t know CSS editing.
    And I’m assuming my front page is a static page, right?
    (I’m obviously VERY new at all of this, but having fun).
    I’m using Redoable Lite and like the black background very much.
    Do I need to change this to another theme in order to knock out the sidebar for my home page?



    If we can isolate exactly what you want as an end product then we can give you targeted advice. This saves a lot of time and typing for us and for you.

    Do you wish to have a blog with a black theme that looks like a website and does not have sidebars with widgets?


    I wish to have a black themed website and was told wordpress is the best to create my own. I love what I have so far, the theme is working well for me, just don’t want the sidebar, particularly on my home page if possible.



    Without CSS upgrading your cannot remove it. With CSS upgrading I’m no sure if it can be eliminated. The theme template is coded for the sidebar to appear and even removing all widgets, and placing an empty text widget at the top of the sidebar did not change that default display. What remains is:
    Recent Articles

    Bottom line: You will have to choose another black background theme and experiment until you find one that you can place an empty text widget at the top of the sidebar in and get no widget display.


    In this theme I can hide the sidebar on an individual static page without the CSS upgrade. Unfortunately (like so many other things) it won’t work in Explorer…



    Ahh … yes .. IE sucks

    In this case, surfmonkeyfellowship has no CSS editingskills. So don’t you think that changing to another black background theme that he can easily eliminate sidebar display on is the way to go?


    @timethief: Yes of course, changing to another theme could be the way to go – or sticking to the current theme and being content with the sidebar (if you check his front page now, you’ll see that he’s got more important things to learn, like how to arrange images).

    One detail: there’s no other black-background theme in which you can easily eliminate sidebar display. In my first reply above I linked to the post in which I list the very few themes that don’t display the sidebar on static pages: none of them is black.



    I was thinking of Chaos Theory.


    Ah I see – good thinking! (I was thinking of removing the sidebar selectively.)

    Better explain, in case the OP is interested, that Chaos Theory has a bottombar instead of a sidebar. New possible problem though: no header image…



    No header image may not be a big deal if the blogger intends to include images in most posts. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what’s next. :)


    i’m a “she” by the way.
    thanks for all your help.
    i’ll keep the theme and sidebar as is and keep learning as i go.
    i do appreciate your time.



    Hello there,
    I apologize for the gender mix-up. You’re welcome and best wishes with your blog. :)

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