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how to delete draft post

  1. I have on several occasions created draft posts that I decided were not worthy of publication. I didn't want them to see the light of day but I was unable to find a "delete" button so I could give them the deep six. My only alternative seemed to be to publish them and then delete them. I did so and as they were published they went out on the RSS feed which utterly defeated the purpose I had in mind ... arggghhh! Is there a better way? Am I missing something "obvious"?

  2. I'm seeing a "Delete this post" button along the left hand side just underneath the "Trackbacks" when I pull up a draft on one of my blogs here.

    Hope this helps,

  3. [She looked where he indicated and sure enough there it was - a big delete button. So after the heel of her hand struck her forehead and her face and ears which turned ruby red returned to their normal colour, she groaned loudly (looking for a rock to crawl under) and said... "Thank you drmike" :? DUH].

  4. No big. :)


  5. i have a draft problem. i published two posts but wp has automatically saved the drafts before i published them. but i still see these two posts as drafts even though they are already published. i want to delete the drafts but i'm afraid i might delete the actual post too. has anyone deleted a draft of a published post and had any problems?

  6. If you use the manage function you will see that each post (or for that matter each page) is given unique number. Therefore I believe you can just delete the drafts and the published posts will be safe. Just to err on the side of caution though, why not save a copy of each of the drafts to your own computer and then delete one of the drafts and see? If you have to and I don't think this will be the case you can just copy and paste.

  7. If you hold your mouse over the draft link, it will show you the Post ID for the draft. I'd just delete it off of the Manage Posts page.

  8. you're right the post id is different so no harm done to the published posts, thanks doc. and i should've thought of that, tt *smacks herself*. thanks for the future suggestions

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