how to delete duplicate side panel?

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    can’t delete duplicate side panel (with recent posts, comments, etc.)

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m not seeing a duplicate sidebar on Are you still seeing it? Or did you solve the issue?


    thnx for responding…i eventually found it in html…dumb luck…but wish i knew how to do it w/o going into the “code”–like, i found a place to delete individual widgets and both sidebars were listed but i couldn’t “select” one and remove it. for future reference, where would you do that without guessing in source code?



    Here is your detailed theme description page link

    All themes here will display a default display that appears to contain a sample set of widgets in the sidebar and/or footer areas for widgets when you have not yet added any of your own. Go to Appearance > Widgets and add the widgets you desire and configure them and the default display will disappear.

    If you do not want any widgets to display in any sidebar(s) at all (or in footer widget areas) you place an empty text widget at the top of each sidebar or footer area. Then click to open, add no title, add no body text, click “save” and click “close”.
    For more widget tips see here >


    thnx much! i will archive this for future reference…appreciate the attention and follow-up.

    maybe since i’ve got a dialog going here with pro’s…i could also find out how i could use my own image as the “header” image that came with the theme i chose…w/o going into the html indexes??



    Here is your detailed theme description page link

    Scroll down to Custom Background, Header, and Link Color on that page. The header is a suggested size of 1102 wide by 350 high.
    See also



    w/o going into the html indexes??

    To be clear we cannot access or edit the php and html underlying your blog on any WordPress.COM hosted blog.


    thnx again for prompt assistance!…best.

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