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how to delete HOME page?

  1. i can't find a way to delete my home page. actually, rather than deleting it, i'd like to edit the 'home' to something else in my language. like how i edit 'about' to 'tentang saya' in

  2. You can't. The Home page is where the blog is. Different templates call it different things, but you can never delete or rename it without having, and knowing how to use, the CSS upgrade.

  3. bloggersanjida

    i've been meaning to ask the same question for a long time.

    thanks for the answer.

    the themes, i wish they weren't so unpredictable.
    there ought to be a complete list as to what one can do in a theme. so that one can review them before choosing them and avoid sudden surprises long after they have their stuff up and running.

  4. engtech has done theme reviews. Although some new themes have been added since his reviews are very detailed and comprehensive theme reviews

  5. that was quick. i thought no one hear me. thanks raincoster.

  6. that was quick. i thought no one hears me. thanks raincoster. css ha? i donno what it is. maybe i should just write my blog in english instead..

  7. bloggersanjida

    engtech is doing a good job,
    but i am afraid most people don't even know it exists until they come to the forum, which is, in most cases not the first thing that comes to the mind of a brand new blogger.

    wp faq should link to his post, the way they do to lorelle's. that would be very convenient indeed.

  8. You Can Delete The Home Page :-)

    I just did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you need help, email me at [email redacted]

    Man, u can make this blogging site into a real looking Website for Free!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. why don't you just post the instructions instead of leaving your email address for spammers to use?

  10. And we'll see you soon enough, complaining that your blog doesn't work properly...because you deleted the home page.

  11. There is no need to delete the home page. You simply replace it . Not quite the same thing.

  12. Not at all the same thing.

  13. @raincoaster: I think you are going to like my new avatar when it takes. I am sayin' nuffin. :)

  14. Can't wait.

  15. how do u get a avatar like that

  16. @saoma
    Click on atthe404's avatar and save it to your computer.
    Then upload it here
    ->Dashboard -> Users -> Your Profile

  17. That is an OUTSTANDING avatar!

  18. what is?

  19. This one.

  20. mines better lol

  21. Yours is not going to change the world.

  22. yours isnt either.

  23. Ours may change the government's mind in Turkey so the bloggers there can blog like the rest of us. Currently wordpress is blocked in Turkey.

  24. The kid is right. And tough. We are not going to change the world.
    But I am going to feel a whole lot better myself.
    If folk want pretty avatars thats cool
    Me. I want to scream down those Turks.
    They really suck.

    On further relection this is a crap site run by an adult posing as a site for kids. It is going to be checked *weekly* apparently. Not surprising the operator is out of step and out of tune with the biggest issue in the WP community today. But no worries. You blog on. Once a week.

  25. We're changing the world. How many people know about the issue now? And how many people now know that's a crap site run by an adult posing as a site for kids? All information is knowledge, all knowledge is power.

  26. oh ok

  27. hey wait a minute im half turkish!

  28. @saoma
    Do you have a support question to ask?

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