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How to delete page titles

  1. Hi,

    I'm new to this, and I've scoured this forum for some help. Didn't find any, so here I go.

    I have a blog:

    and i want to delete all the page titles. For the "Home" page I don't want "Home" written at the top, etc.

    What CSS code do I insert to do that for ALL the pages?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you don't want page titles displayed in your navigation bar, then you don't need custom CSS. Just make a custom menu with none of your pages on it.

    I do wonder, just curious, why you would have pages if you don't want your readers to easily access them?
    and a further article with info about common misconceptions about custom menus:

    And just in case I'm misunderstanding what your goal is in hiding your pages, perhaps you want them only in a widget in your sidebar:

  3. @Tess: I think they mean the actual page titles (the heading on the single page view).

    @wikidwell: If so, then you need to add this in the CSS editor:

    .wf-active .type-page h1 {
    display: none
  4. Sorry, forgot the semicolon:

    .wf-active .type-page h1 {
    display: none;
  5. @justpi,

    Sorry, but that still leaves me in the dark about why?

    (Don't worry: I watched Hitchcock's "The Birds" and the scariest thing about the movie was, "Why?"

    could be "why" is why it was so scary)

  6. a) I guess they consider them redundant. (I don't agree.)

    b) Not one of my favorite Hitchcock movies, but excellent point! If I remember well, the total lack of an explanation was a deliberate choice, and Hitch himself has pointed out its importance.

  7. Well, I was like 10 or so when I first saw it. LOL
    A&W root beer floats after digging new potatoes, fake Barbies, and my brothers playing with WWII plastic toy soldiers making kcheeeiou bomb sounds any chance they got: I didn't have a lot to compare that movie to.

    At any rate, back to forum business:
    you are right: I have seen folks here want to eliminate titles (or substitute images) on posts or pages before.

    I am curious though (and not scared) why would a title be redundant/deserve hiding?

  8. Well, to answer your question:

    I find the titles redunant, because right above them is the menu bar with all the titles, and it's rather clear when the user clicks on a button that the page corresponding to that button now appears. Just my preference, though.

    Thanks for the CSS! It worked!

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