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HOW to delete unwanted blogs.

  1. HOW, exactly, do I delete my and and keep my -exactly what buttons do I press?

    Cyrus Hunter-Quick

  2. Thanks for your response, podz.

    But, no, it is not in the FAQ.

    They only say "you CAN". They do NOT say HOW.


  3. Your name is your key.
    So long as your name is linked to the blog you want to keep, just delete the others.
    Options > Delete > follow the process.

    But DO know that you can never have that blog name back.

  4. I'll FAQ it later in a better fashion - thanks for the heads up as I should have made it clearer.

    If you have Blog A and Blog B but you no longer want Blog B, go to the dashboard of Blog B.
    Check it's the correct dashboard.
    Options > Delete
    Check the box, read and click the large button
    Get the email
    Read carefully again click the link.

    Blog B will have gone and Blog A will remain.

  5. Thanks, podz.

    I will think carefuly and, if still determined, follow your detailed instructions (necessary for a person like me who does not take naturally to computing nor remember anything that is not done ten times a day for more than three days).

    Cheers, Cy

  6. I mentioned it because I do get requests along the lines of "I deleted it and now I want it back".
    It can sit there as yours for as long as you want and it's not going to be a problem but once it's gone ...

    I even had someone claim it was deleted accidentally - and no, that didn't work at getting it back :)

  7. I even had someone claim it was deleted accidentally

    There's been a bunch of those here in the forums as well.

  8. Thank you very much, podz et al!

    I have successfully deleted my two earlier mis-start blogs EarthBasePrime and KXPC237CHQ plus the one I just created for experimanetal purposes, and is now my only one and has all my later work.

    I unwisely delete some posts way back a month ago when I was a young inexperienced blogger. But that is a different problem.

    The problem was that I overlooked that tiny little thing to click (on the dashboard) that says "delete blog". I offer my abject apologies on that. ALL MY FAULT!

    Ta again.

    Cheers, Cy

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