How to delete website from showing up on Google search engine

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    So i deleted my site, but I didn’t realize that the subheading I had for the website would still show up when i searched it on google. I think I was supposed to delete the information on the site before i did this, but it too late now. Will this disappear from Google eventually or will it always be there? How do i remove this from showing up on Google?




    Here, refer to this link for removing sites from google’s cache-

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    Please refer to this-



    Hi there,

    Deleting a site does not remove it from search engine caches – even if you had deleted the content before deleting the site it would still be in Google, and will be until they remove it from their caches.

    You can try contacting Google and ask them to remove it, but as you’ve already deleted the site there is no way to verify you own it, and they might not comply to your request. In that case your only option is to wait until they remove it automatically.

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