How to design theme for self-hosted site w/out taking down current website?

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    Hello all,

    I would like to design a WordPress theme for a self-hosted website (a business site) w/out taking down their current website (which is NOT wordpress). Meaning, I’d like their current website to remain as is until my theme is ready. Does anyone have tips on where to develop the theme? If I do it at a site, will there be issues for things like plugins and stats? Should I develop the theme at a different domain name that isn’t being used for anything right now? Please let me know any tips you may have. I am new to WordPress but very eager to learn more about this awesome platform.



    This may be a little confusing — essentially, I want to install WordPress + a custom theme for a company that has an existing website. I don’t want to install WordPress + the custom theme until the theme development is done. I am just curious about where I should develop the theme, so that the company’s existing website can stay up?



    What you want to do (custom theme & Plug-in’s) can’t be done on WordPress.COM. You can’t use any Theme but those already approved, (about 100).

    What you want to do is easy, several ways, but you should ask for further guidance at the keepers of the WordPress software:

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