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    This question has been asked but never answered as far as I can see…the people who asked something similar in the past were “lost” people. :)
    You have all been extremely helpful so far….here is my latest challenge:

    I have a parent page (tab) on my site titled GALLERIES and then tabs beneath it with various photo galleries.
    I thought it would be pretty easy for most people to navigate to the parent gallery tab and then select which gallery sub tab they want to view but I am discovering that some people are landing on the Gallery page (which is currently blank) and getting lost. :(
    I watched someone do this right in front of me the other day.

    So…I am trying to find a graceful way to direct anyone who gets lost on the parent page to look at the subpages.
    What are my options?
    Can I have a thumbnail from each subpage on the parent page along with a link?
    Should I just write something on the parent page saying “Read all the tabs stupid” (haha…just kidding)
    Seriously…any suggestions?

    Thanks! Have a great weekend :)

    The blog I need help with is



    oops… here’s the site:




    If you intend to display your photos on Child pages, I definitely suggest adding an HTML table to the Parent page with a thumbnail and a description including a link to the Child page.

    I also seem to remember that another forum volunteer had a workaround to ignore landing on that Parent page and I’ll try to locate it and post the link.



    Hi Cathy
    I just checked out your site. I had no problem visiting all the galleries under the parent tab Galleries. It seemed obvious to me. BTW Those are fabulous photos.



    Thanks to all.

    @airodyssey I will give it a try.

    @jennifer sounds good…yes, I’d be interested in finding out how to avoid landing on the parent page

    @mtraill1 Yes, it seems obvious to me too :) but not to all evidently. Glad you enjoyed the photos



    Panos! Wow sounds great…unfortunately I am not understanding how this works for the parent and child pages.

    The application that makes some sense to me for a custom menu is linking the BLOG tab to my blog.

    I’ve been looking for a simple solution for that. Right now I have a page titled BLOG with a link to the blog. Would adding a custom link on that tab work? If so, HOW? I made a bit of a mess with my first attempt.

    Here’s the previous discussion about connecting my blog and website:

    Am I correct that my theme only supports one custom menu? If I can only use it to link my blog to my site then perhaps the suggestion of airodyssey (by jennifer and panos) would be a good plan B?



    Okay, disregard the part about PLAN B.
    I see that the one custom menu can do it all. I think???
    Now I just have to figure out how to do it.
    Working on it…




    I’ve been playing around with my custom menu.
    I added a custom link from my website to my blog and voila, when you click the blog tab it goes right to Perfect…sort of….
    I also added custom links to facebook, twitter and flickr under my contact info.
    Still haven’t figured out the gallery/sub gallery thing…

    THE PROBLEM is that once you are on these various sites there is no way to get BACK to my original site other than using the back arrow. Is there a way I can get the custom links to open as a NEW page so you don’t have to leave the original site?



    In short, in your Custom Menu, open and delete whatever is in the URL field in the Galleries Page. Save the menu again. What this will do is remove the link to the Parent Page whenever anyone hovers their mouse over it, but will continue to display the drop down menu for the Child Pages.

    But now looking again at your site/blog set up, I would not do this, nor would I start opening links in new windows, which only adds to the confusion.

    Optimally, you should have the same tabs across the top on both sites so that your site appears seamless to your visitors, which means adding “Galleries” and “Blog” to Add Galleries as a Custom Link to, yes, the Parent page ( ) and update that Parent Page with teasers/index to your Child Pages.

    On you should add a Custom Link for your blog, to You said you did this, but I am not seeing it right now even after refreshing the page.

    You also need to consolidate your Pages. I would not have 2 About Pages
    Make a Custom Link on to point that About page to

    The same goes for the Contact Page.

    I would also run the same widgets at the bottom on both sites.



    Jennifer, thanks a lot for taking a look and for your suggestions.

    I was trying to connect the two sites into one but sort of gave up on that idea until I started playing around with the custom menu and custom links yesterday. (Thanks Panos.) Now I am seeing the possibilities…

    I still have a few issues to work out:

    1) You said you would not make the Galleries parent page inactive. Why not?

    2) I agree that opening new pages will add to the confusion but then I need to remove the custom links to facebook and twitter because once someone goes there they have no way to come back. Or is it common for people to use the back arrow to return to a site…I think that is also too confusing, no?

    3) You didn’t see the custom link to my blog from my website (or the additional links to facebook, twitter and flickr) because I went back to the non-custom menu after running into a few problems last night. Here’s one: I need to provide a way back to once I add the blog link that connects to so traffic can go to the blog and then back to the site.

    4) I don’t want my Home page on to say HOME. On the tab, yes but not on the page itself.

    Right now it’s doing what I want it to do but when I created the custom menu there was no Home page in the list of options to add to the menu…I don’t know why (hope that makes sense.) So the custom menu doesn’t provide a way to get back HOME…even while staying on I need to take a closer look at that.

    5) I get the part about using custom links so I have only one ABOUT and one CONTACT page…and it all reads more like one site…sounds great…

    6) Same widgets on both sites? Hmmm…maybe. I was hoping to run as a “true” website so did not want widgets. Thought it might seem unprofessional on a website…but these days anything goes I guess.

    7) I have the no ads upgrade on so I guess only those pages will remain with no ads even once I link everything together? Which means the pages I want to keep are all the ones on and link to them from the blog as you suggested.

    THANKS TO ALL WHO ARE READING THIS! Hope it’s useful to others :)



    4) When you make a custom menu you need to add back the “Home” if you want one – call it what ever you want but it is just a link to another page (in this case the URL of what ever you want to call home). The custom menu starts you with a blank sheet so to speak.



    @auxclass Okay, thanks.

    Getting started on this right now.

    “update that Parent Page with teasers/index to your Child Pages”
    What are teasers/index? :)




    Please disregard all previous questions.
    I worked it out and linked the two sites with custom menus and custom links.
    All is working fine! HOORAY!!!!

    I am DONE except for one last task…which was my original question:
    I still haven’t figured out how to “disable” the parent GALLERIES page. (?)

    Jennifer thought I shouldn’t disable it…not sure why?



    Congratulations on a job well done!!

    I think it is past Jennifer’s bed time, maybe she will check this thread in the morning.



    Thanks auxclass I am celebrating! :)

    I just wrote a thank you note on my new facebook photography page to all of you in the forums who helped me get my site and blog together:




    I went ahead and disabled the Galleries parent tab…I’m still interested in knowing if/why you don’t think it’s a good idea.


    Again, I want to thank everyone who has helped as I’ve stumbled around here for the past couple months…not knowing what was possible, while I tried to figure out how to create and connect a website (at wordpress) with a blog…while keeping the two addresses separate. I wanted the blog to look like a blog (with widgets) and the website to look like a website…I had a long list of what I wanted and together we’ve worked thru many ways to do it. Custom menus and custom links were the icing on the cake that pulled it all together. I got what just I wanted….I’m done! Now all I need to do is add content :)




    Forget what I said about the Galleries page; what you’ve done works perfectly.

    Well done and happy blogging!

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