How to Disable Control (Ctrl) A, C, V in WordPress?

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    I’ve had a problem with the contents of my blog being copied by another blog (its basically being plagiarized and I recently discovered this). I’ve installed a plug-in that disables the right mouse click so users can’t use it when they visit my blog but they can still use the Ctrl+A,C,V without any problems and the contents from my blog can still be copied. Is there a plug-in or script that can disable the Control+A, Control+C and Control+V functions so I can upload new content without having to worry that my writing will not stolen or plagiarized? I look forward to your help and support on this very sensitive and important matter. Thank you.



    Hi. Content theft is all too common online and I certainly empathize. That said, you are in the wrong place. This is and we don’t use plug ins. You need to be at

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