How to disable RSS updates when changing old posts?

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    Six months ago I transferred my blog from Blogger. The posts that transferred are filled with odd formatting glitches, which I am slowly working through and correcting. Whenever I change an old post it refreshes the post in my reader’s RSS feed/reader. Is there a way to disable this from happening?

    The blog I need help with is


    Set your site to private (settings > privacy) then edit and update the posts and then set it back to public after you are done.



    OMG I edit my posts all the time…If someone has subscribed to my blog thru RSS (which I have to admit I still don’t understand) do they get an update every time I edit a post?!?


    Unfortunately, yes.



    GEEZ! I must have made 100 edits over the last couple days, I’ve been going back through posts and adding in links, etc, general editing (my blog is mostly tutorials and info).

    BTW, thanks for this information, tsp and timesflowstemmed….

    How do these get shown in rss feeds? Is the whole post shown again? or the little pieces I have changed?

    This is really embarrassing! I asked the forums about this a long time ago and I thought the response I got was that edits were NOT announced to subscribers. I didn’t ask about RSS subscribers in particular, partly because I barely understand what they are…If I have any they would have probably dropped me in disgust by now.


    The post shows up in an RSS reader (Google Reader or an app) in the same way as a new post. It does not get reposted to email subscribers as a new post, but for reasons I don’t understand RSS does get updated. The solution provided by the sacred path works, but there is one downside: whilst in private mode your visits to each page are counted towards your sits statistics.



    THANK you! timesflowstemmed. Is RSS optional? if I get rid of that rss link above my header does that mean nobody new will be able to follow me through rss? Seems kind of like shooting myself in the foot if I want a readership…But on the other hand my blog isnt a news or trends blog, my posts are sporadic and often very longwinded info articles and tutorials. Maybe rss feeds arent the way most of my audience would subscribe anyway.



    Plus, much as I want to hide all that editing from appearing in feeds, I also don’t want a reader to try to come to my blog for a particular tutorial and suddenly find a “private, no entry” sign blocking their access…That would actually be worse, I think.


    I don’t think that you can disable RSS, certainly not by removing that link. Readers use RSS to know when a site is updated, and still read (in many cases) through their browser or some of the excellent software available.


    The privacy mode is temporary, just while you are updating old posts, but I agree with you, it is a fudge, not an ideal solution.

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