How to Disable Sharing/Reblogging from within the Reader?

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    Hi! I don’t want my posts shared on Facebook or reblogged on WordPress. I’ve disabled sharing & reblogging everywhere I can find to do that but my followers can still share & reblog my posts from their Readers. Is there a way to prevent this?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi @robinkingartist, as long as your site is public, people can share just by copying a link to a post and pasting it on Facebook.

    I have filed your suggestion though to not show sharing options in the reader if they are disabled on the site. While can’t promise whether or when that change would be implemented, know you’ve been heard.


    Hi, @supernova!

    Thank you!
    Yes, anything we post anywhere online can be shared – even via screenshots. But I’d prefer not to encourage it, so I appreciate your help.

    Thank you again,


    Oh, my gosh – I apologize for typing your name wrong, @supernovia!



    I was just looking up this question myself. I don’t mind if someone shares a link to my post which leads someone back to my original post, but I don’t like people reblogging my whole post on their blogs.

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