How to DISABLE the AUTO RENEW and remove credit card info stored online

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    I see this advice from WordPress:
    Your upgrade subscription will automatically renew every 12 months from the date of your original purchase. We’ll attempt to charge the credit card you used to make your initial upgrade purchase. You can cancel automatic renewal at any time prior to your renewal date by visiting the Upgrades section of your blog’s Dashboard and clicking Disable Auto-Renew next to the upgrade.
    We’ll notify you three times by email prior to renewing a non-domain upgrade. We’ll notify you 90 days and 60 days prior to renewing a domain on your behalf, and attempt to renew the domain 30 days prior to expiration.
    Contact us any time with questions via support.

    HOWEVER …. following that advice … I go to DASHBOARD and I do NOT see UPGRADES. How do I turn this OFF (and why was it turned on in the first place?) I do not want my credit card info stored online please! Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is



    I believe “Store” has replaced “Upgrades” in the left hand menu column of your Admin page.



    Click “Store” and then “Domains” and on the page that opened I found a “Disable Auto Renew” link.

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