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    The posts which appear in the different Categories of my Menu are not displayed in there totality. They are a few sentences, then it is necessary to click on a “read more…” link to see the whole text and/or photos. I would like to disable this “read more…” option but don’t find how to do it. I have read a lot of articles in the forums concerning this topic, as most people are looking for this option fto truncate their posts and, in fact, there is a “read more” botton available. But in my case, I want all the contrary!
    Thanks by advance for your help

    The blog I need help with is


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    Take a look at this thread where the OP wanted to show complete posts on his category pages. He is using a different theme, but the excerpt box works the same way in your Andrea theme:


    Ok, I have seen the thread, thanks. So, I followed the instruction and pasted the HTML code in the excerpt module. In fact, this way, I actually obtain the edition of the full text of my posts. However, it remains a probleme with the captations of the photos: they are displayed out of the frames of the photos and in HTML form. If you want to have a look:
    Another point is that a “read more” link remains at the end of the post.
    There’s not a simple way to disable this option? As so many people are complaining to get there whole post texts, I suppose it should exist a setting for that?


    1) Captioned images don’t work in Excerpts because the HTML editor contains a shortcode for them, not the actual code.

    2) No there’s no setting: it’s theme dependent. If you want full posts on your category pages, switch to a theme that displays full posts on category pages – see here:


    All right, I understand. I will see if I can change for another Theme allowing full display.
    Thanks for your answers.

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