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    up to now,when someone put a youtube link in a comment, it stayed only a link. but as of yesterday, all those links in the comments turned into an actual embedding of the youtube movie (so i can see the movie inside the comment).

    i want to disable it, and return to the original way, when youtube links in comments remained just links without the movie embedding.

    how can i do this?

    thank you!

    (my blog is: )

    The blog I need help with is




    carocat, it’s new, it wasn’t possible until now.
    but it’s not a good thing, it slows down everything on the blog, and i want to disable it and return to the normal link mode.



    I’ve looked through the discussion settings, but couldn’t find anything related to it.

    I’m thinking it’s a new feature they just haven’t announced yet, but maybe you should contact staff and see what they say.

    As the blog owner/admin, you can delete/edit other people’s comments. If you break the link in the comment it won’t slow down.



    thanks, i will try that.
    the problem is this blog is more like a forum, and i don’t want to edit people’s comments. we are actually a community, the blog platform is just what we’re used to so we do not switch to a forum platform.



    You can go to Settings>discussion>comment moderation and change to 1 the number of links in a comment that send a comment to moderation. That way you can delete or break the link before letting the comment appear.



    thanks ellaella, but it’s not possible in this blog, there are many messages every day, it’s more like a forum than a blog. me and the other moderators aren’t able to authorize every comment and break the link in it…

    i tried to contact the support team, lets see what they say.



    I am experiencing the same problem here, and it is frustrating that I could not find any way to disable the (unwanted) feature.

    Holding comments for moderation and breaking the links is not a proper solution. People would like to have links to YouTube they could see and click on, but most of them won’t like the post to be flooded with the embedded videos…

    arnuss, have you received any news yet?


    Yeah, I have to agree. Providing this feature and then NOT providing a way of turning it off is not a good idea.


    To disable a video in a comment: Comments > Edit > highlight video URL > click “code” button > Update.



    Yeah, this feature was not a good idea without letting the blog owner control whether or not they want it. For those of use that have received a lot of comments with youtube links, manually going through is something of an unnecessary inconvenience and time waster. I hope they are coming up with a way to fix this.


    Agree. Instead of this stupid feature, what I would like to have in comments is links opening in a new window.



    I would love that, and they should do that for links on a blogroll. But, I would happy enough with comment links opening in new windows.


    Your blogroll links do open in a new window if you wish: scroll down to “Target”.



    omg, thanks LOL

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