How to display different blog categories on my blog page?

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    Hi all,

    I’ve seen some nice setups of WP, including, that display different blog categories on different pages, e.g., “news”, “media”, etc. Is there any way to accomplish this on wordpress-hosted sites? If so, how? Can we edit the templates of our site? Is there a plugin to make this happen?


    The blog I need help with is


    First off we need a link to your blog please.



    is this your blog URL ? you are asking for ?



    Yes. THanks.

    #381078, is a self-hosted wordpress blog on a third-party hosting service using the software downloaded from wordpress.ORG. You cannot display different categories or widgets on different pages here at the wordpress.COM free hosting service.



    If you put the Categories widget in your sidebar, anyone clicking on it will get your Categories Page, which includes all posts in that category only. Is that what you want? They won’t display on static pages, but the Categories page is a different thing entirely.


    Also, some themes support HTML hyperlinks in page titles which then link to pages (such as a category page) but the trick does not work with the theme you are using.

    See this blog post which explains how it is done, and also shows in the left-hand column which themes this trick works with. The middle column are themes that are problematic and the tag displays are wonky at best.


    I see your poll is now showing up. You might want to choose a different style. There are poll styles specifically designed for use in the sidebars which are narrower.

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