how to display links/bookmarks?

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    How do I display my bookmarks as a widget? I have added a few bookmarks to my blog, but when I add the “Links” widget to a sidebar, it doesn’t show anything. Are bookmarks and links two different things? If so, how do you define links?

    And of course, my original question remains, where do my bookmarks appear?




    I saw something about it on: WP FAQ blog

    it’s said there: “You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.”



    I’ve just conquered this same problem a few minutes ago. When making a bookmark, it needs to have a category and also when making a bookmark, there is a button on the right that says ‘Target’. It is pre-set for ‘None’. I’ve clicked ‘Top’ and then my bookmarks showed up under the Links in the sidebar. Hope that helps. If it still doesn’t show, I’ve read in this forum that it may be a problem with the theme.

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