How to display only top level pages on sidebar?

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    Hello. I am currently using the “Kubrick” theme for my blog –
    I want to have each event on a page but sub-pages under each page if needed. However, currently, using the Page widget I have both parent and sub-pages displayed on the list and it looks a bit confusing since the font, etc. are all the same. What I’d like to do is to just display the parent pages on the sidebar and not the sub-pages. My idea is to put links in the parent pages so people can click into the sub-pages if they want. This way the sidebar is less cluttered. Any idea, anyone? Thanks.



    an alternative would be using a text widget and placing selected links of the pages you want to be seen at the sidebar.



    Every post and page has an ID number and when you click on the blue and white icon on the Pages widget it opens. Inside you find an option
    Page IDs, separated by commas.

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