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How to display publicly a different name for each of my blogs?

  1. I have 2 blogs and want a different name displayed for each one. I tried to add a user with a different role, but was asked to send an invitation. Any suggestions?

  2. You have to Invite people to be blog admins, even if they are yourself. The user has to exist first, so register a new ID at using a different email, and then Invite that one to be admin of the second blog.

  3. How do you register a new ID? I need a step by step instruction. I added a user and got a message: "That email address does not belong to any user here. Would you like to invite that person to use" So I did. An email arrived with a link to:
    Here's what on that page: "Get another blog in seconds". Now, I don't want to create another blog, as I've already got 2. All I want is to be able to display a different name on each of them.

  4. No, it doesn't, because it changes a display name for both the blogs.

  5. You sign out of You get a new email. You then go to and register as if it was the first time you registered. There are two options: Gimme a blog or Just a username. Pick the latter.

  6. By "sign out" do you mean "log out"? And then what sort of new email do I get?

  7. Yes, log out. And it doesn't matter what KIND of email you get as long as you can check it. Gmail, hotmail, whatever. It doesn't matter.

  8. I did register with a different user name and personalised it's display name. However, that name doesn't display by the existing posts. As an experiment I copied an existing post and pasted it again as a new post and the new user name displayed correctly. Then I had to delete the existing post to get rid of a duplicate. It seems like a tedious and lengthy procedure. Surely, there should be an easier way of changing the display name?

  9. It won't work retroactively. What you have to do is log in as the blog admin and use your editing privileges to Change the Author on every post.

  10. Bingo! I knew it should be simple. The confusion is due to the program's weakness. The option for changing an author's name is not available under "edit" and the terminology seems to be confusing to novices. For anybody who is struggling with the same problem, here's the simple solution on how to change the display (alias: author) name:
    1. display all your posts in the dashboard
    2. click on Quick Edit (rather than edit!)
    3. change the author in the drop down menu

    This can however, only be done after you've added a new user to your blog.

  11. (resolved) How to display publicly a different name for each of my blogs?

    I guess there's another way of marking queries as "resolved", but I am not aware of it. That in itself is a new query.

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