How to display separate menu of sub-pages on a page?

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    This is a bit confusing to explain, so bear with me.

    An example of what I want is on this page: (see the menu on the left-hand side).

    There are some pages on my site for which I’d like to have a separate menu that lists the sub-pages of that page.

    For example, if I have

    – About our company
    – Our products
    – Contact us
    – Etc

    I’d like to have a menu that appears on the About page with the 4 sub-pages, and I’d also like to show that same menu on each of the sub-pages.



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    It can also be a widget-based solution, though I haven’t been able to find a way to do it with widgets, since widgets can’t be customised to display different contents depending on the page you’re on.


    There are only 5 themes here that show subpage navigation on the parent page.



    You could always do it manually, especially if you want the same menu on all the pages. Copy/paste. If you use a table that’s not too wide, it should work well, even if you change themes later.

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