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How to display text in datagrid inside a cell in different font?

  1. Hello,
    I am in need to do the following task pls help me out.
    How to display text in datagrid inside a cell in different font?

    Thankyou in advance.

  2. Have you tried putting the grid into microsoft paint or photoshop and then uploading it as an image?

  3. If ur referring to a Table Cell , then I think it might be theme dependent. Some theme's CSS allow u to use <font> tags within the table and do render them appropriately.
    If u want some help with html tags , this is a great place.

    If I had got ur whole point wrong, if the data grid is something else , pls ignore this !!!

  4. Please use the forum search box on this. I recall tabels and grids of any kind not being supported unless they were rendered in image form and uploaded as images usually are.

  5. Tt, that can't be right. I've pasted tables straight from WORD or another web page into my blog on several occasions. But unfortunately I wouldn't have the faintest clue how to change the font within a cell.

  6. I have used Tables on my Posts - here is an example - thought I have made it invisible.
    If ur a little more keen , u can notice that the color of the text in the table is slightly grey as compared to the normal text which is black. So I think u can control the font too in a similar way, but I again it all would depend how the theme render the table tag.
    Sorry the eg is not that explicit , I had only this handy :)

  7. From the search box thread "tables in"

  8. Tables work, it's just that the BGCOLORs will get stripped out if you use the Rich Text Editor.

    So long as you go save from the raw HTML editor they'll work fine.

  9. um who ever u are how do i use different fonts for kicrosoft paint?

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