How to divide categories in 2 widgets

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    I’m struggling with dividing categories I have into 2 different widgets in the sidebar without repeating them in both widgets. I think somebody had similar problem before (, but the answer only mentions that you can have more widgets. I know i can, I already have 2 widgets with categories, but the problem is that they are the same under both titles.

    Is there any way to sort them, so that some categories fall only under one widget and some under another one without being repeated?

    Would be fully grateful for any help on this. Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is


    Ok, seems that I have come up with a solution by adding a Custom Menu as a widget and then adding categories there.

    Still, would appreciate the answer to the previous question, if it’s technically possible to split categories without customizing menu.




    The Categories widget doesn’t have an option for including or excluding specific categories. To display your posts categories as two separate groups, you can
    a) create two custom menus and add two Custom Menu widgets, or
    b) create links to your post categories in Links > Add New (filing them under two different link categories) and add two Links widgets, or
    c) create links to your post categories in two Text widgets.

    PS What you’re looking for would be possible via two Categories widgets only if you had the Custom Design upgrade.


    Brilliant, thank you very much for your help! Got it all sorted now :) Thanks!

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