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    I am new to this and I am trying to figure out everything. I have searched, asked, and read, but to no prevail. I cannot find my answer.

    How do I get the drop down menu on the Greyzed theme? I am so confused with this :(

    I edit my site using wordpress on the browser, not the downloaded (I cannot download anything to my computer)

    Can anyone please help me with this? At all? I really really really need help :( It is frustrating me greatly :(

    The blog I need help with is


    aand of course no one is helping me :( UGH i really need friggin help :(


    Do you know that the average help forum response time is 13 hours? Nineteen minutes and you are freaking out?

    {shakes head}

    Use a custom menu.


    BTW, if you would have gone to the support page and typed “menu” into the forum search box, the above link would have come up for you.


    Okay 1st, thanks for that link and 2nd be nice I am new here and I do not need you being rude to me. thank you.


    BTW I tried typing in many things but came up with nothing That is why I decided to post here and get someones help. My fault for thinking someone would be nice -rolls eyes-

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