How to do I get my original post back after it's been deleted?

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    I added a period to a sentence from a previously published post (the very 1st post), and when I hit refresh, it wiped everything that came before the photo. I can’t get it back. Is it stored somewhere, by any chance? Even when I use my browser’s back button, it doesn’t go to the original post (sans period). Help–any ideas? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is


    A backup copy of your original post should be stored on the Revisions module. To find the Revisions module, go to the edit screen for the post. If you still can’t see it, you must enable it in your screen options. To restore your post just look for a revision made before your issue happened, click on “Restore” for that date and the post is restored back.

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    We are getting multiple reports of this kind of error, particularly on posts that have been made from the New Post button on the admin bar or the new, central, page. To avoid this, either make your posts from Dashboard->Posts->New Post or use an offline blog editor like Windows Live Writer.

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