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How to do it without plug-ins

  1. First, yes I do have a blog (, second, I am aware that you cannot use plug-ins with

    So my question is, how can I track traffic, add digg buttons, and whatnot? When I try putting in (for example) the google analytics tracking code, I just get messed up lines of code showing up in my final post. Same with digg buttons. I did figure out one way to half-ass the digg/stumble/etc links by copying and manually editing some code I found someone else using successfully (i just copied it from his page source), but thats simply not reasonable to have to do on every post.

    Help? Or can this just not be done at all?

  2. their several widget buttons available:
    I use one thats a widget one my sidebar
    which requires a free account:

  3. and I do not believe that we can use google analytics here at Wp.
    it requires a javascript code. Javascript will be stript at your blog

  4. Google Analytics are already in use on your blog. That's where your stats come from.

    As for Digg:

  5. I tried that wordpress digg thing, but it didn't work. Just gave me the weird lines of code in the final product. And if the google analytics is already in use, how do i check the stats?

  6. oh, i tried the addthis thing already too. Get that same code problem.

  7. Do a forum search for "Social Bookmarking" and you'll find many, many solutions.

  8. And you cannot get at the Google Analytics for your blog; only staff can. You've got what you have, plus you can add certain external stat counters like sitemeter and statcounter, but the HTML versions only.

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