How to do MX Mapping With Existing Google Apps Account?

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    I already have a Google Apps account with several email addresses that were all working. I recently switched my site to and poof – my emails are now bouncing.

    It appears that I need to reconfigure the MX records for my hosting account to Google’s mail server. When Googling the solution on how to do this for I find these instructions:

    This instructions tell you how bloggers can configure their MX records to use Google Apps for email by signing up for a new Google Apps account.

    It doesn’t tell you how to get the verification code for EXISTING Google Apps account.

    Can someone help me out here?



    Anyone have an answer to this?




    I’m having the same problem. I have an existing email account with Google, and I have mapped my blog to a domain I own. How do I configure the MX entry required by WP <b>without</b> registering a new account with Google. Please advise. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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