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how to do the tags like this?


    its tags clouds,sentences

    how can i do like that?

    and why my tags clouds cant show "uncategories"?

  2. i believe this is your blog?

    what do you mean how do you do the tag clouds like that? the blog you refer to does not have a tag cloud in the sidebar, but you do. and the categories used for the blog posts are just like how you do it in yours too. can you explain further if i don't understand your query?

    i don't know why your tag cloud doesn't show 'uncategorised'. perhaps someone else has the answer for that?

  3. "

    jingyi on It’s a special day
    sj on It’s a special day
    lyn.del.icious on It’s a special day
    lyn.del.icious on It’s a special day
    sj on Count it

    its what i refer to , isnt it the tag cloud?

    or just she name the box "tags"?

  4. oh, that's not a tag cloud widget. it's a 'recent comments' widgets. =) i didn't notice if she named it as tags.

  5. oh thx.

    but still one question not answered lol

  6. Tag clouds don't show "uncategorized" because "Uncategorized" is untagged, by definition. Does that answer the unanswered question?

  7. Undoubtedly ... lol ;-D ))))

  8. thx : )

  9. but... why i saw somebody's tags have it?

  10. Also, you can get rid of the "uncategorized" category by renaming it. In my case, "Random". I set it as the default when I forget to assign a category.

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