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    hi people

    i already mailed to the support asking them
    on how to do this:-

    when posting a new post for example
    after putting the title+contents on the form on ‘write’
    and click publish

    i want people who read the post
    to read the title of the post
    and few words of description
    and to READ more, they would have to click
    a link like ..”read more here…”

    the support had emailed me earlier to check a FAQ

    i think the icon 13 has something to do with it
    but i tried to do with the icon no13
    but nothing works like i want to

    if u need further clarification on this
    i would happily provide more info, just ask

    help me please



    If you have already sent a feedback to staff then I’m not understanding why you would post here too. Normally people come here first looking for the assistance of fellow bloggers and if that isn’t productive, then they send in a feedback to staff.
    I do not use the visual rich editor (TinyMCE) that you use. If you can’t use icon 13 then you could
    (1) Turn off the text rich editor by unchecking the checkbox on your Profile page.
    -> Dashboard -> Users -> Your Profile -> Personal Options
    (2) Use the “more” button in the ordinary editor.
    (3) And the manual method is to type this –
    more- <!–read more here –>



    Hi ampin:

    On my blog, when I compose, I have three different ways to split a post with the “read more here…” indicator.

    From the RichText (default) compose screen, I can type all of my intro/teaser, then click the “Split post with More tag” icon. On my interface (I assume default still), it’s to the left of the SpellCheck button, and to the right of the Insert/edit Image button.

    I can also, at the point of break, use Alt-T to insert a “more” tag.

    Finally, I can switch to HTML mode by clicking the HTML tab (next to the Editor tab) and insert the tag manually.

    The syntax is: <!–more–>
    That’s it. No breaks or anything. Essentially, an HTML comment tag containing the word “more” and no spaces.

    Also covered here:

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