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    There are various sites I’ve seen dedicated to themes for WordPress. When I find one I’d like to download, I click it. But I don’t understand how to install it to my blog! It gives me .zip files and the likes and I don’t know what to do. help!


    Member bloggers can only choose themes from the available templates in the dashboard.



    Christined – those themes are only available for you to upload if you are hosting your own wp blog. For which you would need to be at



    Also covered in the Answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions here at post. :)

    Those themes are for the WordPress software you can down load from


    So you’re saying that to use the downloaded WordPress templates you have to pay for the hosting offered at ?




    No that’s not what is being said.
    (1) The templates from can be downloaded for free to either *your own server* or to a blog host of your choice. For more information on the differences between and look at the pink sticky posts at the head of the forum and click on “please read first before posting”.

    (2) At you find the themes that you can choose from here -> Dashboard -> Presentation -> Themes (click on the one you choose).


    will the css upgrade here at allow me to change the theme or a theme I downloaded?



    I don’t believe so. It allows you to tweak themes that already exist here.

    If there’s a particular theme you’re in love with, you can always request to staff that it be made available here via a Feedback.



    You can change the style of the themes with the CSS upgrade. You still can’t upload your own themes though. You can change thinks like fonts, text size, background colors and images, etc.

    Hope this helps,

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