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How to 'dump' data from database to a post?

  1. I have this doubt after reading some posts related to 'no copy-paste from Word Doc'. I hope someone can enlighten me how to efficiently post data from a database file?

    I can 'dump' this data from database file to Word Doc or any text editor nicely. At this moment I use screen capture this text file to GIF or JPEG and then make my post to WP. But, I hope a better way to do this. Can someone show me the steps, please?

  2. As far as I know, there IS no way to do this automatically. If you paste a table from Word, it loses some of the lines. If you need it in a table format, using the Code editor and coding it yourself would appear to be the most efficient option. Second choice, using the Code editor, pasting from Word, and then meticulously going through the editing (no guarantees this will work).

    Third choice, don't use a table. Can you show us an example of the way you want the data displayed?

  3. Hi raincoaster,

    Thank you for your prompt reply.

    I want the data displayed in this way :

    AAAA AAA AAA 10.21 100.20 1234500 +1.24
    BBBB BBB BBB 1.22 90.33 1245676 -2.20
    DDD ... etc

    It is a table listing. I don't think typing one by one is the solution! Because the list may go on to more than 20 lines or more.

  4. I thought of something that might work though: what about uploading the Word document and putting a link to the file in your post? We can always right click and download it. I have a table like that in one of my blogs here:

    That way your readers can open it in another window and follow along with what you have to say about it. Doesn't help if the table is supposed to be the main point of the post, though.

  5. Would doing an screen capture of the data from the db work?

  6. Hi drmike,
    At present, I am running my programs which generate text file from db. The next step I use screen capturing software to create *.gif files. Lastly, post to I feel this is a bit troublesome...I hope to cut down the time.

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