how to duplicate an existing blog user set onto another blog

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    Is it possible to duplicate an existing set of users onto another blog without issuing invites? I have a members only blog and I’ve set up another to provide a “help” facility for it which is called via a menu link. The problem I overlooked is that the members of the first blog need to be members of the help-blog in order to access it. I would like to avoid the hassle of re-inviting all the members to join the help blog and it would be neat if I could designate existing users of one blog as users of a another one as well.
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    There’s no way to duplicate or transfer users from one blog to another, the only way to have the users on the second blog would be to invite them.


    Hi Karenalma. I was afraid of that. Bit of a pain really with potentially up to 300 members to invite by hand a second time.
    Could this facility be added to your wish list or is it pushing too far beyond its design limits? I wouldn’t have thought so, though, since all the user data is on your database (or whatever) and the blog admins already have the relevant access rights to it and to the blogs themselves.



    The reason it’s not possible to transfer the blog users over is because we have an “opt-in” policy that requires users to confirm their subscription or user role on any site. This helps to prevent people from being added to a site without their permission.

    I’m sorry for the inconvenience this causes in your situation. However, your best bet for now is to re-invite the users to your new blog or to potentially merge the help section into your existing blog.


    @evarlese. Wise policy decision, hadn’t appreciated that was the case.

    The reason I wanted to use a sub-blog was to allow the user to display the help stuff at the same time as having the main blog session active. Unfortunately the intended user set will require a fair amount of initial hand-holding so I need to figure out a way round this.

    I could just create a link to the top level “help” page with a “_blank” target but that would have the same appearance as the main session and I can see endless confusion emerging as to which one is which. Using a sub-blog I can maintain consistence by using the same theme and just change the background colour to make it distinguishable. I already do this for a sub-blog providing an “editors forum” but luckily this is a small user set so re-inviting is not a problem.

    Shame I can’t dynamically alter the background colour on a page. Still, no sweat, I ain’t complaining. I’ve never known such rapid prototyping as I’m achieving with WP.


    typo correction: should read “maintain consistency” not “maintain consistence”

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