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    I cannot edit an existing contact form on the blog. When I click on Add Form (as instructed to edit it), it is blank so I cannot edit the fields. I need to see where the contacts are being emailed. I get the same code regardless of whether I click on visual or text.

    Also, I noticed the address the contact form is at is instead of etc. Don’t know if that’s part of the problem.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Jenna, you are currently using a default contact form on so when you click the “Add a custom form” icon, it is normal that you are seeing the default fields. By default, the form submissions go the author of the page (Shari created that page, so they go to the email address she uses on You can change the email address under “Email Settings” when you bring up the form editing dialogue.

    I hope this helps – let me know if you have any more questions!


    <<You can change the email address under “Email Settings” when you bring up the form editing dialogue.>>

    I created the page and form for Shari, using her email address so the mail would go to her. I guess I’m unable to figure out the beginning steps to “bringing up the form editing dialogue.” I can bring up the form, I can see the visual and text forms. There is no email address in there. I don’t know what to click on to move forward. Totally stumped.



    Sorry I was not clear. I uploaded the screenshot to show where you can update the email address:

    The form editing dialogue is the window that comes up when you click the contact form button, you need to click on the second tab in that window to edit email settings.

    Let me know if this helps, I’ll be happy to assist further!


    Jenia, I cannot believe I missed the whole “email” tab! <head slap>
    I put in the new email address, but there is nothing that makes me feel confident that the existing form was changed. No visible sign. Sure, I saved it, but it just took me back to the blank form that opened when I clicked on “Add a Custom Form”. Does all that sound correct?

    Thank you,



    Hi Jenna, looks like your changes were not saved. After you click the “Save” button, you are prompted to add the form to your post, and you are supposed to do that for the default form to be replaced by the customized version. I did it for you, entering the email address on your account. You can check the new address and make further updates to the form, if you wish.


    Thanks for following up on this. I didn’t want the email address you put in, but it was good to see the code. I tried to change it the way you showed me, but after inputting the new address and saving, the code again came up without an email address. So, using the fine example that I wisely copied ;-) after you changed it, I was able to input the correct email address into the code. If you can figure out where I’m going wrong when I make the change under the email tab, please let me know.




    This is odd indeed. Just making sure, after you update the email in the dialog window and click “save”, do you also click “Add this form to my post” as shown in this screenshot?

    The way you did it with updating the email address directly in the code works well, too. Glad it’s been resolved for you :)

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